Pictures do not do this beautiful candle justice! About 2 feet long and 6 inches wide, each of these candles holds 2lb of wax. 


The dough bowl is available in natural wood or distressed white. Each candle is filled with dye-free soy wax with 7 wicks. Each dough bowl is hand carved and will vary slightly in appearance.


Fresh Brewed Coffee/Rooster Crowing - Fresh Brewed Coffee candles transform any space into your favorite neighborhood cafe.


Approximate size- size by vary slightly: 22"-24" L X 5"-7" W X 3"-4" Deep.

No Dyes, Phthalates, Lead or Zinc

Infused with Essential Oils

All Natural Cotton Wicks or Wood Wicks made from Fruit Trees to provide a natural crackle

No Additional Chemicals Added (UV Inhibitor, binders, crackling agents, scent enhancers etc) are used

Longer Lasting and Clean Burning

Reuse the dough bowl once the candle has burned. Simply wash with warm water and soap

Dough bowl not recommended to use for foodservice



7-Wick Fresh Brewed Coffee Dough Bowl Candle -Natural Brown

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